My commitment to clients is to help them create and grow wealth.  An initial step is to understand each investor’s individual risk/reward tolerance and build a diversified portfolio designed to weather the ups and down of the market while growing your wealth over time.  My 12+ years as a Wall Street analyst allows me to construct portfolios using stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), individual bonds, preferred stocks, and other investments.  I am a big believer in keeping costs low and investing for the long haul, not what is a current fad. The longer I work with investors, the more I adhere to a belief that investor behavior is as likely, or in some cases, even more likely, than investment performance in driving returns over time. My job is to implement a disciplined strategy that keeps you invested in market swoons (maybe even adding $$$ when you can) and rebalancing when markets do well.

No one size portfolio fits everyone, so we take great pride in developing portfolios that run the gamut from 100% fixed income to 50/50 stock and bonds, all the way to 100% stocks.

Helping You Create, Grow, and Protect Wealth for Generations

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