Helping You Create, Grow, and Protect Wealth for Generations

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Let’s face it: Life gets more complex with each passing year.  Whether is it taxes, regulation, healthcare, saving for education, finding good investment choices, new job, rolling a 401K, retirement, understanding Social Security, considering long-term care, it is challenging for anyone to stay on top of it.  My mission is simple: to partner with clients and sit on the same side of the table with them so that I can help them make choices that benefit them, not my wallet.  My style is designed to be pressure free and I would enjoy sitting down with you and so I can understand your situation and discuss ways I can help simplify your financial life by reducing stress and increasing comfort/peace.

I have the resources and experience of being an advisor and partner who worked on Wall Street.  I have written articles for The Wall Street Journal and other major financial publications.  I also managed accounts at PNC Bank, Kentucky’s largest Trust company.

Tom, your advisor and partner can assist you with the following:
> Financial Planning and Retirement
> Risk Management & Insurance
> Estate Planning & Family Legacy
> Children and Grandchildren’s Education
> Business Succession
> Better rates on Credit & Lending

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Helping You Create, Grow, and Protect Wealth for Generations

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