If it seems that education costs (along with healthcare) have risen much faster than the cost of many other categories, it is because it has.  According to a CNBC article exploring why education costs have climbed so rapidly, the article mentioned that between 2000 and 2013 the average level of tuition and fees climbed by 87% at four-year public colleges.  This rate of increase makes it even more imperative for families to plan well in advance…with funding, college selection, and understanding the financial aid process.  As part of my college work/study program one of my jobs in college was in the Department of Financial Aid.  I have always had an interest in this area, and I can help clients navigate this often confusing and complex landscape.

I can help you plan for children and grandchildren’s education using:

1. 529 plans, including “superfunding.”
2. Gifting strategies from family members.
3. Retirement strategies that take advantage of which of your assets count
__toward expected family contribution (EFC) and which do not under current
__FAFSA rules for public universities and private colleges.
4. Other unique strategies such as the plusses and minuses of adding the high
__school or college student to the payroll of a family-owned business.

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